Listening To Music I Don’t Like

I love moving fast, thinking fast (and slow at times— as this book taught me to) & executing fast.

My music taste happens to be similar to that lifestyle. For years, I’ve only listened to fast music. Anything upbeat, loud, that builds momentum.

I don’t like to listen to music while I work to avoid it becoming a habit (can only work when music is playing) and because I find it distracting.

However, as I’ve been introduced to the podcast world, I’ve begun choosing them over songs during activities which require minimal attention (e.g. cleaning room, commute).

Now, I only listen to music when I go on walks. I listen to fast music to get the energy going, because the purpose of my walks are usually to step away and re-energize.

View from this morning’s walk😻

Safe to say that when I came across a stoicism action item to ‘listen to music I don’t like’ for 15 minutes, I knew it would be ANY music that was slow/classical.

This morning I hopped onto Spotify, and typed in ‘classical music’, and clicked on the first song on the first playlist that showed up. My ears were treated to a delicate, piano instrumental — and my mind agreed that ‘well yes, this fits… music I don’t like’.

I started my morning off with this tune, and cleaned my room, made my bed, replied to some emails, got ready to go on a morning workout…and long story short a good 40 minutes went by, and I still had this piano instrumental going.

My Inner Voice’s Experience Narration🔉


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