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Iron Man’s Tech Dealer🙋🏾‍♀️ | Dec’20 + Jan’ 21 Newsletter

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Noise is everywhere👂🏾

With access to the internet, there’s information, opinions, & entertainment of all kinds available in seconds.

I’m on my computer for a good chunk of the day so it’s very easy to slip into rabbit holes — meaningful ones yes but-

I was caught up in a ton of ideas, excited by many things. But so many @ surface level — a tap of a button & I could switch to the next.

However, the noise would grab my attention, the cost of which was deep focus & deep understanding. I recognized it, and so was able to clear out the clutter.

These past two months have been lovely. It’s been no noisefast-paced yet simple at the same time.🎉

Got only three priorities from Jan to June ‘21.

But before we go into the fun things to come, here’s my favorite two months yet, in a nutshell🥜

2021 Priorities


Deep-dived into the FASCINATING realms of brain-computer interfaces & extended reality.

Ps. I’ll be releasing all of these projects at once in the first week of Feb.

💻Look out on YouTube, Medium, & GitHub for this content.

In the meanwhile you can check out my speech @ WEEXPO India + an article I wrote on it.

Advising & Developing

  1. Conferred with the myBlueprint team to test out & advise new products for teachers & students. Invited to provide guidance in a Portfolio User Acceptance Training session (UAT) with the Director of UX at the company.
  2. Helped EMM develop their training development curriculum through providing guidance for the program.
  3. Early access to an education 2.0 platform to provide guidance for improvements to launch. Can’t release further details until it’s out.
  4. Selected as 1 of the 4 advisory board members from around the world joining Aleph Farms in ’21 to further their mission in food technology which will impact not only the cellular agriculture industry but climate change, hunger, and space commercialization (aleph zero).

All Good Things Come In Threes


1. Learning = action. Often we hear “I failed but it’s okay because at least I learnt something new.” But you haven’t ‘learnt’ if you can simply regurgitate a lesson. You’ve learnt if you taken that understanding turned into an actionable item and that executed the change. That’s learning. The outcome can then be evaluated. Yes, you may have to experiment more, but knowing ≠ learning.

2. There’s no speed limit. “The system is designed so anyone can keep up. If you’re more driven than most people, you can do way more than anyone expects.” Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to peek into the other lanes — you’d be running someone else’s (different) race. If you wanna understand this more, click here.

3. Identities can be negative limits whereas values can be positive limits. Hear me out. Yes, identities can allow us to recalibrate ourselves when we feel lost, perhaps give us a place to feel a sense of belonging & comfort. But that comfort is the problem.

Identities are constructs that we’ve created to make sense of our being for ourselves and for others. These once formed constructs can become excuses and limit us from being open and trying new things. If you’ve been saying, “I’m afraid of heights” for the past 5 years, you’re unlikely to wake up tomorrow excited to try out a zipline you’re city has recently built.

The notion of simply existing to experiment is far more appealing to me. However, by understanding your truest values — what you will stand by if everything else was stripped away — in any situation, you can be as open as you wish to be. Your values act like a sieve to filter through what doesn’t align with you. Everything else you’d be open to.

For you (I want us to grow together!)

Quotes representing my months

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Blogs I wrote by taking these quotes and turning them into actionable changes in my life👇🏾

are a few of ’em themes. Click away😉

Go-Karting, Cows, & Venn Diagrams

How should you spend your time?

I spend mine either enjoying it or investing it — optimizing for what falls under their intersection.

These activities have changed as I’ve got older, but I used a handy Venn Diagram to outline where I am now for the sake of clear prioritization, intention + makes it easier to sieve through what doesn’t fall under either but happens to pop up. Wrote more about this, here.

Fun facts👇🏾

  • I’m a LOVER of adventure sports: trekking, rock climbing, camping, ziplining, dirk biking, go karting…SIGN ME UP. I like the rush + outdoors (yes, I was the weird kid that could go on — edit: would only go on — roller coasters 30x at an amusement park).
  • You bet I started my year off racing go karts around the track 20+ times🏁 Oh, and flying on one of the biggest two-way ziplines in India.
  • Spent the holidays at my grandparent’s village. Most sunrises & sunsets were at the farm with the friendly cows🐄 The views are far better than any city ones I’ve ever seen🌄

Just Before You Go

If you’d like to help me along this journey to impacting billions, here are a couple things that would be super helpful😊

  1. If you have any internships open, I’m available: respond to this email with what you’re looking for and I can send over my resume:) Especially if it’s in the BCI, XR, AI, Future of Food, or Blockchain space.
  2. Looking to speak on my BCI & XR vision + projects (or other topics: from stoicism practice to learning how to think for yourself — let me know what you’re looking for) at conferences, podcasts, fireside chats/panels, or other forms of media.
  3. Connect me with developers, workers, or C-suite in the neurotechnology or extended reality spaces.
  4. Know anyone with research paper publishing certifications on platforms like arxiv? Send them over!

Sneak peek into what next month will look like👇🏾

Starting a #LOTD ~ Learning of The Day ~ series on my YouTube channel. I’m growing & falling at a faster pace that I ever have before, so for a peak into my video documentation of daily lessons, subscribe here. Firsts coming up👇🏾

Feel free to reach out if you wanna chat! See you in a few✌🏾

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