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Growing anything (!!) with the bioeconomy

…and yet another piece of evidence that intersections and interdisciplinary problem solving is where the magic is at🧙🏽‍♀️

  1. Gingko Bioworks is a biotech company.
  2. Gingko Bioworks is shifting use cases of biology from predominantly laboratory research for medicine to utilizing engineering and software principles to take full advantage of what it can be capable of.
  • automating and scaling the process of organism engineering, allowing engineers to prototype thousands of biological designs.
  • uses DNA synthesis, laboratory automation, analytics, and software tools to automate and scale organism engineering processes, enabling engineers to prototype thousands of biological designs.
  • same way that software engineers use existing libraries of code to write new programs.

Putting “potential use-cases” into context…

Living Medicines

Art that signifies the collaboration between Synlogic and Gingko like “bacteria sensing and targeting various compounds, biofilm formation, and the gut living in the background.”
  • is currently working on engineered bacteria that can send signals which alter the immune system to attack cancer sells after being injected directly into tumors.

Cultured Ingredients


Future of Food

  • the timeline for the production of a new (important) organism and the teams involved (bare minimum) to make it happen
  • if decision making on what new organisms should be created is predominantly dependent on economic incentive or a vision for where the world needs to go (categorizing priority based on problems that need to be solved)

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What problem do you think is most important to be solved using Ginkgo Bioworks technology right now?

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