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Sriya Chintalapalli
investing in moments

“the doctor said I was making my pains up so I could miss school — it’s taken me 11 years to finally get a diagnosis”

“just got told I had heavy periods”

“when I go to A&E, they think that I might be a drug addict, and that I was making it [my pains] up

“the pain is like barbed wire wrapped around your insides and someone’s pulling it while at the same time an animal is trying to eat its way through you.”


There’s a disease that affects 11 in 100 women (11% of women!!!) where it feels…

For the past couple months I’ve been head first into the world of brain computer interfaces (BCIs), a realm where we can all become magicians controlling the external world using our mind🧠🤯.

A paper I recently came across was particularly interesting, where it aimed to find discriminative EEG-based features and classification methods to categorize brainwave patterns based on their level of activity or frequency for mental state recognition. To get my hands further dirty in the space, I decided to replicate and build out the project for myself.

In this article, we’ll cover the fundamentals of the study on Mental…

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Noise is everywhere👂🏾

With access to the internet, there’s information, opinions, & entertainment of all kinds available in seconds.

I’m on my computer for a good chunk…

I love moving fast, thinking fast (and slow at times— as this book taught me to) & executing fast.

My music taste happens to be similar to that lifestyle. For years, I’ve only listened to fast music. Anything upbeat, loud, that builds momentum.

I don’t like to listen to music while I work to avoid it becoming a habit (can only work when music is playing) and because I find it distracting.

However, as I’ve been introduced to the podcast world, I’ve begun choosing them over songs during activities which require minimal attention (e.g. cleaning room, commute).

Now, I only…

Today I had the best morning ever, and it set me up for a stellar day.

But it took me a really long time to get here.

Structurally unstructured systems & routines are what I’ve noticed to love most in 2020.

The price of rigid structure & discipline is spontaneity and exploration, which I want to be careful to not neglect.

However, my nature to fall into rabbit holes fast & to leave 2-minute conversations with a bunch of loosely related ideas curious to delve into (I got 4 new ideas to write articles about while writing this one already)…

Have you ever heard the saying,

“It’s easy to win the battles, & still lose the war?”

I have.

But how do I/you/anyone win the war — our war? I hypothesize that it’s through — compounding.

For ages, I assumed reaching big, audacious goals could be best done by taking large, intense leaps of self-improvement in the shortest amount of time.

Most of the people around me have too — but often they claim to end up in frustration, self-doubt, or the term I’ve heard way too many times during the pandemic, “burnout.”

I’ve never once faced ‘burnout’ and in…

Spoke about the future of our interface evolution @ WEEXPO India (India’s largest education conference) — if you want to really grasp the vision I’d rec watching this first, then reading the article👇🏾

We Are Lucky

What has pandemic life been like for you? I’m curious to know how the experience varies for different people & began researching about that this past weekend.

And somewhere down that internet rabbit hole I began looking into past pandemics and what pandemic life was like for the humans back then.

Back in 1918 during the Spanish Flu, not only were there no effective vaccines or…

No one knows what the world will look like in 2050 — we just know that it will be very different. Is there a way to prepare?

If somebody describes the world of the mid-21st century to you and it doesn’t sound like science fiction, it is certainly false.

We cannot be sure of the specifics; change itself is the only certainty.

Let’s take a trip to the future/tomorrow

1. Sustainability of the Liberal Democratic System

Philosophical ideas adopted from the 18th century such as the concept of free will, continue to be foundational parts of our economic & political systems. Liberal motto examples✌

  • Customer is always right
  • Voter knows best
  • Beauty is in…

Whipping out a whiteboard & breaking a problem down using a series of branches & whys. Grabbing my computer every few minutes to research until the lightbulb goes off. My first idea: usually a bad one. Iterating, pivoting until it isn’t, builds the momentum I seek.

Problem Solving

But personal problems can be solved leisurely. I can tend to them with the support I want, at my own pace & will. But I experienced my very first hackathon just last month. And let me tell you that’s a different kind of problem solving.

TL;DR: Team of people you don’t know…

We take many of our daily privileges for granted.

Food on our tables, roof over our heads, water to drink, family to spend time with, and so on.

But what if your own body failed you?

What if those two legs of yours refused to hold you up? To take you from place A to B? What if they were your barriers opposed to anything external? They refused to let you go to the bathroom, take a shower, go for a walk, all without support. Your own body trapping your own self.

Mobility is a privilege.

A privilege that 1…

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